Drug-store Leave Ins?

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I'm sure this gets asked all the time, so sorry for the repeat (I have such a hard time fishing through posts! :goofy:)

So I am looking for good, but inexpensive CG Leave ins! I've seen a number of posts about frizz and LIs. I only use a L'Oreal Vive Pro spray gel... I've been holding off on LIs because I'm afraid of getting something not so good. So I'm looking for tips! I most certainly cannot afford any of the good stuff y'all talk about (CK, Jessicurl, Deva, etc etc etc) as much as I'd like to try it. One thing I was thinking about was trying some of the "Curls" products sold at Target. I just stumbled upon them a few weeks ago and am quite intrigued since they're sulfate and silicone free and, while a little pricey, still within a range I'd be willing to pay. Anyone tried these?! Any thoughts?

Otherwise... suggestions for a good LI for very light and fine 3b curl?! I currently use V-05 for CO-wash and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition for RO, and then the gel spray. I'm starting to swim again, so I'll be doing ACV rinses (might also try lemon too) at least once a week.... if that helps at all :)

Thank you so much!!!! I'm most appreciative for all the help I've gotten on here!!
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    I am becoming a big fan of the Giovanni Direct Leave-In. It is lightweight and can be found at Target (I saw it in mine near the natural care section where the Burts Bees stuff is).

    Targets are also starting to sell the Kinky Curly line and their Knot Today leave-in is very popular.
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    cool! Thanks! :D
    Type: 3b with a little 3a f/m mix, ii

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    You can also just use a dab of your rinse out conditioner as a LI, too. Lots of people here use that, and it's probably easier than buying a bottle of something officially labeled "leave-in," although I've always wanted to try one of these just for the heck of it! I'm pretty sure the leave-in conditioners that are labeled as such are probably just regular conditioner with different packaging and wording, though. :)
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    I am enjoying at the moment the miracle 7 leave in from sallys. it has cyclomethicone in it on down the list a bit, but that is suppose to be ok for co washing. I have had no trouble from it or build up and I like to think it may protect my hair from the blow drying I occasionally do. hths.
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