Keys Mangrove Conditioner (natural vegan conditioner) :)

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Has any of you tried this natural vegan conditioner before? I bought a travel size the other day. It's a very rich conditioner. The ingredients are great as they are natural moisturizers and proteins that are great for protein sensitves (it's black cumin seed oil, a.k.a Nigella Oil). I tried it mixed with komaza califia conditioner. As we know komaza conditioner does not have much slip. Neither does this conditioner have any slip.:sad: I mixed it with some EVO and sometimes castor oil. It does not feel that great going on, you don't feel the moisture on impact. I use it to deep condition. The amazing results is not felt until after you rinse out the product:love10:. Your hair feels strong, moisturized and soft!!! I don't know if it's the combined conditioners or what, but I've combined before the komaza with other conditioners and did get this result.If you are looking for a vegan alternative for a deep treatment this could be a great option. See the link below.

Keys :: Hair Care :: Mangrove Hair Conditioner
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