Knee Problems..need help

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Hey guys....I'm looking for things that I can do that won't agitate my knees. Last year I got diagnosed with bone spurs and slight arthritis in my knees. (and I'm only 36, so this was a shocker for me)
I can't fix the problem with surgery right now...

I love love love pilates, but I'd like to have something I can do at home with a little more "speed" or variety that won't kill my knees. something to tone up my legs... Running is out of the question, so are squats, lunges, and the like. I'd like to get some aerobic fitness tapes, but every time I get one, there is too much jumping bouncing lunging going on, and out of pain, I have to give it up.

I have tried to google many times, but all I get is stuff for people 50 years my senior!

Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!! :)


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    Does cycling bother your knees? It's not exactly "at home" unless you get a trainer for your bike, but it is non-impact and would tone your legs.
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    How about an elliptical?
    I use a's a 3-in-1.
    Treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper
    My problem is my hips...they ache, but when I was running it subsided...tho now they ache for awhile on the TC. I think I just need to be more consistent w/ my workout, which I'm trying to do...
    g/l to you!
    Oh, and walking is always good, too!

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  • SpaghettiHeadSpaghettiHead Posts: 1,510Registered Users
    I've been wanting to try out cycling, but I'm a full time student, I work, and have two kids at home, so my time is pretty crunched.
    (and I'm pretty sure I'd hit some resistance if I said I wanted to buy a stationary for the house, to add to the pilates machine, treadmill and eliptical haha)

    I do have an elliptical at home. I just get bored with it. Right now it's the best thing I can find. Weird that your hips don't ache as much when you run....
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    You might shop on, they have video clips and you can sort videos by impact via the drop-down menus (low-impact, obviously).
    I am your age and I have osteoarthritis too. It's a real bummer.
    What about upper body stuff? Lots of that you can do and "interval training" which can be really tough.

    I've had a torn meniscus and foot injuries that took a long time to heal and I just did the same "aerobic" things I had done before, but I modified them (a shallower squat, doing a leg lift or kick instead of a lunge, or heel-lifts instead of lunges). You can easily work out substitute moves that work your body for the ones you shouldn't do.

    Yoga really tones the legs and can be a good workout, but for bad knees it's better to hold the poses than to move quickly from pose to pose to avoid pain and twisting.

    Does your school have a pool? Usually students swim for free or almost free. Great aerobic workout, knee-friendly and because you're already there, it's not a big time-hassle.
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    Osteoporosis...arthritis...ugh. These seem like old folk problems...I don't know about you, but I still feel like a kid...other than this one thing. :(

    I do get the collagevideo mag's in the mail, but never even thought about going on their website...good idea! I just have it in my head that low impact=no results. I guess I need to get over that. As far as modifying (another thing I never thought of) I'll try that too. I just hope no one is watching. I tend to be a little slow on the uptake as it is. hah.

    I'm not able to stay after or before school, but we do have a pool at the house that I plan on utilizing once it gets warmer...

    :) Thanks!
  • SpaghettiHeadSpaghettiHead Posts: 1,510Registered Users
    I went on they actually have a live chat too...I asked for recommendations she asked me a bunch of questions, and then made about 10 recs based on my answers!
    That along with the video clips....awesome!!! :)
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    I went on they actually have a live chat too...I asked for recommendations she asked me a bunch of questions, and then made about 10 recs based on my answers!
    That along with the video clips....awesome!!! :)

    That is really cool! What awesome customer service.
    I think low impact can be hard work, especially with some of the really creative new DVDs (I still call them videos). You do what ya gotta do!
    Figuring out modifications (if the people on the video do lunges, then I'll do ____) is easy enough, but not pushing yourself too hard and ending up in pain - that's difficult.
    Making bigger movements with the rest of the body usually kicks things up a notch or two.
    DH wouldn't make fun of my goofy exercising technique, but if he did, I would remind him of what sort of mood I am in when I DON'T get to exercise. Scary.

    Good luck!
  • SpaghettiHeadSpaghettiHead Posts: 1,510Registered Users
    So funny that you said you still called them videos..
    when I started my live chat with customer service I said "I'm young, but have knee problems.. (not sure why I had to qualify my question with "I'm young") and then as I asked if she had any recommendations for "tapes" that would be good for me.

    She probably thought "tapes?" young my a$$...this lady has to be at least 80 years old. hahah.

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