When should I do another protein treatment?

So after eff'ing up my hair with a flat iron and ending up with straight hair, I did a protein treatment. I used ApHogee 2step protein treatment. I did this last Friday. After doing this I noticed that my hair was still stick straight but a lot softer. Now it's still soft but not as soft as it was before the treatment. It seems a little more knottier. My hair seems healthy. It's soft, silky....although the ends seem very straw like. Should I do another treatment?

Maybe I should go for a little trim....would that help it start growing out??

Any help would be great! Many thanks!!



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    Maybe try doing a DT instead of a protein treatment. Usually hair is pretty fried after straightening and needs a bit more moisture than protein in order for the curls to bounce back. I don't think there's any need for a trim unless you straightened the heck out of it, or you used a super high heat setting and your hair is really dry or damaged. :) HTH.
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    Ya I think I did really fry it. I used a flat iron for close to two months. Now my hair is pretty stick straight. I've been trying to get my curls back since the beginning of November. I have a feeling I'm going to have to wait till it grows out. I dint want to do a big chop. I love my hair long. I do need a trim though....end of September since it was cut.

    Thank you for replying back!! I'll also do a DT and see if that takes care of the straw like issue!

  • DedachanDedachan Posts: 1,644Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I rather like this page. It explains how to know if your hair needs moisturizing or proteins. Their advice seems pretty sensible to me, though I suppose determining how elastic your hair is can be a little subjective.

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