Lice scare!!!

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Hello all!!
Recently a little girl at my daughters preschool had head lice. Seriously scared me half to death because my daughter has very curly thick hair and dealing with that seems impossible to me....not to mention my two other daughters at home!! Thank goodness We are all good so far!! I've done some research and was wondering if anyone has dealt with it??? There are some preventative treatments.....has anyone used anything like that??? I wonder if that stuff works??


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    Yup, there was a lice scare at my daughter's preschool at the end of last week. Growing up, my mom rinsed our hair with vinegar, and we never got lice. I've also heard that lice shy away from hair that is not shampooed frequently. Braiding is also supposedly helpful. Good luck!
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    not sure that is true about shampooing. i've had clients whose kids had lice and they told me they learned that lice like clean hair. also, supposedly lavendar keeps them away, but i was told this did not work.
    one client said she was told by the woman who cleaned their hair of nits, that she should put gel or hairspray in her kids' hair, that that usually repels them. so she has been using gel.

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    Okay!! Thanks for the replies....fortunately vinegar rinses, infrequent shampooing, and braiding are pretty standard in my house!!! I heard they don't like coconut either- I live coconut oil, but don't know any truth behind that!!
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    i don't have any suggestions. i just wanted to say i feel your pain! my daughter has started preschool this year and there were a few cases of lice at her school. i wanted to scream. i've been super paranoid about it and i have told her not to share brushes/combs/anything related to hair with her friends.

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