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Anyone from Sydney, check this site?

Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Posts: 14Registered Users
Would love to talk to you. I would like to know which hairdresser you recommend, in Sydney. I am desperate!!!!!!No-one in Sydney seems to specialise in cutting curls so i'm totally lost. Looked in yellow pages,& all over the internet and I've come up with nothing.
Please help
Regards Gillian
3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.
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  • DeecoilyDeecoily Posts: 2Registered Users
    Try Split Enz in Crows Nest. Speak to Sabeir and tell him Michael sent you. They are an Aveda Salon and cut great hair.

    Because I said so.
  • Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Posts: 14Registered Users
    Hi Deecoily,
    I saw your email tonight, but got my hair cut 2 days ago. Paul from Joh Bailey's did a good job. It's well shaped but he wasn't the best communicator. The first thing he said was 'Have you ever thought about getting your hair straightened? How much is a cut from your hairdresser , I spent $99. Money well spent and i will not need a cut for 6months now.
    Wish I'd looked at your email sooner, as i would like a hairdresser that actually likes curly hair.
    Thanks for your reply. Your only person in Sydney to recommend a hairdresser to me. Maybe your hairdresser should be listed in the salon's section for Sydney. I might just add paul also the only problem was communication, the cut is great,he spliced (? the term for it ) and shaped it without removing too much length.
    3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.
    /home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.picturetrail.com%2Fgallery%2Fview%3Fp%3D999%26amp%3Bgid%3D1288330%26amp%3Buid%3D747181%26amp%3Bmembers%3D1" class="Popup
  • resonantresonant Posts: 16Registered Users
    Hi guys,

    It's been a while since I logged on here ... but I did see the tip about Split Enz the other day. Well, I've just been there and it did not work out. Sabeir wanted to cut my hair sopping wet, my hair is straight when wet, it's only botticelli not corkscrew on the CG scale, he said if I was nervous not to do it. So, it's back to cutting my own, I've had too many 70s poodle fuzzballs when it's not cut just moistened. But thanks for the tip anyway :-)
    3B to 3A, some 2A, one patch of 4. Very, very, very fine. Huge quantity. I mean HUGE. Living in the subtropics. Incoherent.
  • golden_girl48_augolden_girl48_au Posts: 1Registered Users
    HI Guys, i was just reading your mails from Sydney about hairdressers cutting curly hair. What a disaster. I live near Perth in WA and i find it very hard to have my hair cut. Its short(as i am narly 50!!!! Years old, but i dont want to look like agrandma!!!!!!!!!! My Hairdresser is originally from Melbourne and she is trying very hard. I found a Hairsyle on Naturally.curly.com. its the NO 4067 of 76. Would look great on me but i have to convince my hairdresser yet. I fond my Hairsyle OK but a bit granmaish!!!!!!!!! well i think so, but was told otherwise. Its sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to find someone to understand your hair.So if anyone has some nice Haistyles for over 40's please contact me on this site and i will be in contact with you to get you my private E-mail address. Thanks and please HELP!!!!!!!!!!! icon_sad.gif icon_confused.gif

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