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So here's my story;

My hair has been through a lot. On top of my hair, its very kinky and as it gets longer, it becomes less curly. So my hair is kinky on top, then turns curly then turns wavy then turns pin straight. I'm 16 and in 10th grade. In 7th grade, I used to get a curl softener on my bangs because the curl was so kinky and I liked to straighten my bangs a lot. Then I decided to curl soften the whole head and it totally took a lot of my curl out. As it grew out, the hair underneath became straight/wavy and the rest was somewhat curly. So then in 9th grade, I relax my hair with the out of the box relaxer (stupid, I know) and when it grew back, the straight part underneath grew back pin straight and greasy. A few months later I got a hair cut and the lady did a terrible job on it. She put bull-cut layers in my hair when I never asked for them and makes my hair puffy and kinky on top then you see my wavy hair underneath and it looks really bad. My hair is a little longer than the shoulder but the layers are a bit lower than my ears.

In conclusion, does anybody have any tips on styling and growing it longer?

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