My routine - does anyone else do this?

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    That is pretty similar to what most of us do, actually. I air-dry because I am lazy and don't want to take the time to diffuse, though. And most people use gel, but there are mousse people out there too. Some people scrunch out the crunch with conditioner or pomade or the like.

    I put in my leave-in upside down, rake/scrunch in my styling products, plop in my microfiber towel while I get dressed, take my hair down and go. Later when my hair is dry (slash when I am bored in class...) I scrunch out the crunch!
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    I air dry and use gel, but I pretty much do the same thing. Except for re-wetting the curls afterward...I have never heard that before, I'm gonna try it. Even with gel, my curls tend to poof a bit as they dry.
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    My routine is pretty similar, except usually I'm too lazy to use a diffuser and just wake up really early so my hair can dry.

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