Does Short Hair Look Good On Curly Hair? *pics*

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    This might just be me, but if I was thinking about going pixi short, I would work my way there slowly. A just-below-chin length inverted bob might be a nice length to start with, and you can always go shorter if you like.
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    There are some really cute short curly cuts out there! You have a very cute face and I think a short cut would look great with your face.

    Check some of these out
    short curly hair - Google Search
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    Curly hair can look really good short! I think pixie cuts look good on anyone, they really emphasize everything good about your face, no matter what shape it is. Don't let horror stories hold you back; if you want to do it, you should just do it, if only to try. I did!

    Look at lots of examples of short curly hair before you go in so you can talk to your stylist about the sort of shape you want your hair to be once it's cut. They can give you advice too! One important thing about cutting curly hair short is finding out how much it curls when it's close to the head. Some people have their hair go straighter, on some people it curls up tighter. I think mine went a little straighter, but my hair has always been less curly at the top. Your curls are quite a bit tighter than mine so they'll probably curl more, but the only way to really find out is to cut it. ;)

    Here's an example of my hair before and afters...

    Before cut (and CG):

    After cut (newly CG, with hard water problems, yuck):

    I went waist length to shoulderblade length to pixie, with no intermediate bob stage. It just depends on how prepared you are for all your hair to be gone. I wore my hair back/up in a ponytail or bun all the time before I cut it so I wasn't too shocked to lose it all, but if you're used to having it down you might want to take more time about it.
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