no sulfate shampoo, which is better?

organix tea tree and mint shampoo or l'oreal no sulfates fortifying shampoo. both are organic with NO sulfates to be used only once a week. I cant go with out because I get buildup and I dance so have to use hairsprays and gels sometimes... and perspire a lot. wish i didnt have too....
or any other shampoos i should try??
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I'm a product junky but my current favorites: organix tea tree and mint poo, giovanni tea tree shampoo,suave coconut cond, tressemee naturals, biolage balm, l'oreal vive pro, knot today!!!, pantene curly gel, activator gel, kccc, fantasia polishing serum


  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Registered Users Posts: 2,121
    I haven't tried either, but the Organix TTM shampoo helps lots of people with scalp issues like dry scalp, flaking, dandruff, and things like that. If that's something you'd like your shampoo to do, I'd go for that one! I will say that I have an Organix shampoo, though, (the Shea Butter one) and it leaves a waxy or coated feeling on my hair through the drying process. After my hair dries, it still feels kinda greasy or waxy if I didn't rinse super well in the shower. I'm not sure if all of them feel this way, though -- this is my first sulfate-free shampoo.
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    If you are referring to loreal's everpure line, proceed with caution. BOTH have several silicones in them. Though, last time I checked, the newer lines seem to have less, but they are still there!
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    Another one to consider is Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo. (I understand that Trader Joe's Tea Tree shampoo is considered equivalent.)

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    I tell everybody with curly/wavy hair I know to use Redken Fresh Curls, I don't think those shampoos you're talking about would do much for you.
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    I just started to NoPoo routine a week ago.. unbelieveable results already!! I can't even believe it! I got the whole Deva line.. NoPoo, One Condition and the Angel Gel for scrunching... My hair started out a little fuzzy but I heard that's normal for the first couple of weeks.. but now it's finally starting to look really good.. my curls are finally coming back and not looking so frizzy! Good luck girl.. it'll be worth it!

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