When can I become a product junkie?

mahogony_pearlmahogony_pearl Registered Users Posts: 4
I've been lurking these natural boards and I notice that it takes a lot of "sampling" to find the proper product for your hair. This being said, is it ever too soon to begin trying new products? Is there a point where I should switch from using products that are catered to relaxed hair to those that will benefit natural hair? I'm soooo ready to take down my braids so I can sample products...to get to the point...when is it safe for me to become a true product junkie?


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  • elliemay72elliemay72 Registered Users Posts: 49
    I have been a PJ my entire life, and I like it just fine. :-) As far as trying products for your new texture, I would recommend that as soon as your natural texture fails to respond to products that you have been using on your relaxed hair, you're ready to make the switch. It will probably also keep your natural tresses healthier as you grow your hair out.

    I have been sampling since I decided to go natural, but it's apparent that it is difficult to tell which products are truly effective until I have a certain amount of growth. Now, with about 3.5 inches of new growth, it's easier to detect my natural curl pattern and behavior, allowing me to make more selective choices in hair care.

    I say, if you can afford it, go ahead--have fun trying new products! :lol:
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    I became a PJ after trying CG and discovering all these new products I never knew existed.
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    I became a PJ after the first 3 months I started transitioning. Before that I would buy a few products from the drugstore. After 3 months and discovering NC, I was buying products from CurlMart, the drugstore, and Salon like crazy. At any time now, I buy between $20-$50 worth of hair products on the average now. Some of them are my staples, and then others are new products that I like to pick up too.
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  • mahogony_pearlmahogony_pearl Registered Users Posts: 4
    I was a product junkie for about 10 yrs then I calmed down. :) I'd found that products who gave that tingly sensation (like perpermint) were my staple (hope I'm using that in the right context) and I was very content with them. :o Now I am confused bc I use Sulfur8 which has petroleum and a conditioner with cones. After learning that cones block out moisture and I NEED MOISTURE, I want to try no-cone, no petroleum, no-sulfate products, but I don't think its time for the switch yet. I'm seeking a light moisturizing product that allows me to touch my hair without worrying that I will leave oil marks everwhere (I guess my hair is 3b/4a by the way. Hell might be 4b...beats me. I just know that its soft, don't know the pattern). Nevertheless, I have these urges to become a products junkie despite knowing it isn't really time. I only have one inch of ng stretched. :roll: :oops: (the smileys are for me rolling my eyes at myself and being embarrassed for making excuses to become a PJ already, LOL).

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