Thinking about going CG? I'm scared?heelp!

acardooacardoo Registered Users Posts: 12
what do I have to know in order to go CG the right way? I dont want my hair to look greasy! what will going CG do to my hair? Heeelp!
Btw, this is my hair.

Shampoo- Nood Head Cleansing Shampoo
Conditioner- Aussie Moist Conditioner

Daily Treatment
Wash, brush out with a comb use Noodle Head Leave-In Conditioner, and Aussie Curl Doubleing Mousse:)


  • cypressmomcypressmom Registered Users Posts: 236
    Don't be scared. Your hair will love you. :)
    3A - I think!

    I like to use, but not all at once: :)
    Wash: V05 Tea Therapy or CJ Daily Fix
    Condition: CJ Curl Rehab (apply as needed, not daily)
    Style: CCCC Lite, CIAB, and BRHG. KCCC is my #1 product
  • CurliesFTW_xoCurliesFTW_xo Registered Users Posts: 111
    You should defo go CG!
    Your curls will look soo much better and after a week or so youll notice alot of bounce!
    Dont be scared ;)

    Naturally brunette but dyed hair, dark brown ( nearly black ) in November 2010.Trying to grow to WL but only past SL atm. Currently not CO washing and using Pantenes shampoo. Styling: Schwarzkopf ultimate repair serum with total ends repair. Also use Aussies 3 miracle worker from time to time. 3B,bouncy ringlets,medium thickness,strands are neither fine nor coarse,dry,low elasticity ( when wet, but high elasticity when dry ) and proud to be a curly!
  • rudeechickrudeechick Registered Users Posts: 6,726
    Go to the Newbie boards and educate yourself. Then troll the baords for your specific hair type for about 2 weeks... by then all the basic, sometimes redundant questions will have been covered and you can start getting into it in depth.
    Curls,Coils,Waves & WhatKnot:geek:
    3miii/My HGs tame bulk&frizz/Give definition w/o crunch
    My Photobucket Album

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