Curls and winter hats? Bad mix...

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So I live in toasty WI and in the span of about 3 days broke both of my pairs of earmuffs. Naturally, being the end of January, winter gear goes away as we prepare for stifling spring.... which doesn't come until June. This leaves me with very few options for winter head gear! Anyone have good suggestions for cute, non-curl-deflating, frizz-creating winter hats?

My problem is that, especially now that I need to be on campus very early, I don't wash my hair in the morning (freezing curls!!) so I wear it up a lot. So I need a hat that allows ROOM for hair! It seems to me that hats are made for girls with straight hair that wear it down everyday! And that is just silly!

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    Have you tried wearing a stretchy knit beret type hat? Sort of like this: Merona® Popcorn Knit Beret - Green : Target

    I have one like that, and a slightly larger (not the headband - the rest of it is bigger) one as well that I can tuck all my hair up into. I have heard someone makes them with satin linings so they're less likely to cause frizz (dunno who). For me, a warm head is slightly more important than frizz, though, so I'll put up with a lot more than most people will.
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    It was brown and I think it was on Amazon and is lined with silk. It of course messes your hair some but not as much as others! And warm. I just wore it on a mountain excursion.:headbang:
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    I use either a fleece headband, a wool beret or a cloche style hat. They do not affect the curls, as they allow a looser fit and therefore do not crush the curls. My favorite is the beret, keeps me warm and keeps my curls happy (you can pull all your curls into the beret).
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