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While trying to order products today I noticed that there were only two shipping options available to international customers: "International Expedited Shipping" and "Express International."

Is Priority Shipping no longer available?

I honestly feel that paying $79 to ship a $24 product is a little over the top :(
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  • ShalolaShalola Registered Users Posts: 13
    Amen to that! 3 items and $106 to ship them to Canada!!! For real? I'm very disappointed.
  • canadiancurlysuecanadiancurlysue Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm with you guys on this one!

    I was online shopping late last night, and tried to order three products totalling about $60. I clicked "checkout", and had a grand total of something like $180!! I was sooo annoyed!

    Anyways, I went back on today, to see if maybe I was seeing things, or maybe my shipping info said Mars instead of Canada, but it was the same thing. I'm so dissapointed in Curlmart, I really wanted to love you! I feel like I just had a bad break up or something (but it's not me, it's you)!!

    I know that for some strange reason, US and Canada can have a "Love/Hate" relationship (personally, I usually love everyone), but, really....$100.00 to ship to the same continent, you know, the country you share a border with!? I ordered something from Hong Kong a few weeks ago, and it only cost me about $7.00 for shipping?!?! How does that make any

    So, I've never posted anything before, that's how angry I am at this!! I just couldn't let it go, but now I feel better.

    Anyways, I love you, but I don't like your BFF...
  • FayjoiFayjoi Registered Users Posts: 16
    Same here. 3 items, and $90 shipping to Europe. It's just too expensive to order anything.
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  • Shelly FontanaShelly Fontana Registered Users Posts: 253

    We have a problem right now with our international shipping calculations. The actual costs are not this high, if you will email [email protected] with your address and the products you would like to order we will give you the actual costs. This is a temporary solution, we will launch our new website within the next couple of weeks and this error will be fixed. We are very sorry about this error, we love our international customers.

    Shelly Fontana
  • firefly2firefly2 Registered Users Posts: 25
    I noticed this last night too! I went to buy 4 products, and $70 for shipping to Canada? That was more then my 4 products all together. Needless to say, didn't end up buying anything.
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