daily hair routine...

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What's your daily hair routine?

I have type 4b hair and after my blow out wares off my hair just goes crazy...I don't know WHAT to do to it. And I'd rather have it straight, or slightly straight, than in a fro like it is when I wash it.

my hair AFTER a blow out...if you can see it.

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    I'm a bit confused... Do you want examples of hair straightening routines? If so, I can't help but I'm sure someone else can...
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    Maybe i am misinterpreting what you are saying, but if you want straight hair then why don't you relax your hair or heat train it like some people from youtube do?
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    I'm also confused, do you want your hair to be stretch as opposed to a shrunken state.

    if that is the case you can apply your cream based product (conditioner or hair milk) and twist it.

    I hope this help