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So I've made the full commitment to the no-poo lifestyle & have finally had some success with it. I've been using the DevaCurl low-poo & oneCondition plus the Angell as per our local CG salon recommendation. After a really unpleasant month where I think they hadn't gotten out all of the cones & then a resulting baking soda/ACV wash courtesy of my research on here, all things are good. The curls are happy -- bouncy, not sticky or frizzy. BUT, I'm getting ready to go on vacation where I'll be swimming in pools & the ocean every day, plus getting sunscreen along my hairline. What's the protocol for managing the haircare routine? Do I just wash every day? I can't do the conditioner-only wash -- my hair turns into a giant pit of grease & I break-out on my scalp & along my hairline/back. Currently, I just skip days w/o washing & then wash every two or three. I don't think that method's going to work with the chlorine though. Any suggestions? My searches on here weren't hitting any threads, so I apologize if it's already been covered!



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    There are a lot of posts on the forum about swimming and chlorine. Hope you looked through them. This is what I got out of them:
    - put conditioner in your hair before going in the water (perhaps a cheap CG type)
    - wet your hair with "good" water before going in the pool
    - ocean water is good for your hair
    - not necessary to use shampoo to get out chlorine; lemon juice or vinegar mixed with cowash conditioner should remove the chlorine; some people even rinse with citrus soda from the vending machine (cowash / rinse might be good for alternating with low-poo)
    - after daily swimming, one woman just rinses really well with water, puts conditioner in her hair, and leaves it in, doesn't add conditioner before swimming because it is already in

    When I swam regularly, I really liked Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Normalizing Conditioner for Active Lifestyles and the no-sulfate poo. Helped keep my hair from turning into straw. Got em at my coop / health food store, might have em at the Vitamin Shoppe or several other places, of course online too. Your Devacurl might work fine too.
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    I second everything Geko said. Even though I wasn't CG, these tips really helped me out this past summer. The easiest one is just to wet your hair with regular water before going into the pool to prevent it from absorbing too much of the chlorinated water and getting dried out. I did this once, and it helped reduce dryness significantly. I'm also going to try slathering on some conditioner this summer, but when I don't have access to that, just plain old water is a good substitute.

    And, like Geko also said, it's not necessary to use a shampoo every time you go into the pool or ocean. Just remove all the chemicals and other junk in your hair with an ACV rinse or added lemon in your conditioner.

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