Paying more attention to other women's hair

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I was watching tv yesterday and every woman on the show I was watching had straight hair. And in my opinion every woman was not very pretty. Their hair just hung there. It didn't do anything special. It didn't frame their faces, really didn't draw attention to their faces. And every other show I watched was the same. I did see a could shows where there were a couple women with wavy hair but it that was about it. And even then you can tell after seeing all the photos on this site how damaged their hair was. I just wanted to yell at the tv to them to stop washing their hair with damaging shampoo and stop using hair dryers and curling irons or whatever they use.

On another note, I was cleaning out my cabinet yesterday and came across my hair dryers and flat iron. I really hate to just toss them in the trash and waste the money but don't think they would be worth $5 on eBay. I gave all my cone conditioner to my son's girlfriend. Can't give her the flat iron cause she has straight hair. Oooh, just dawned on me. Good Will. That's where I take everything else.
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