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simply awful! I've worn a pixie type cut for the last 8 years or so off and on. I would let it grow a couple of inches and then whack it off again. I thought, I'd try growing it out. Boy, oh boy........I had no idea what I was in for. My hair is about 6 or 7 inches now, and I can't describe to you how awful it is! With the combination of this dreadful length and the super low dews (currently at ZERO!), my hair looks....well...I honestly don't know how to describe it.

So, my question for you all that have grown out your hair, is what type of styles do you wear it in as it is growing out. I plan on getting my hair trimmed this week (for the first time since I started growing it out in June). However, I am thinking that she is going to have to shape it so that I can stop wearing a hat!!

Any suggestions are more than welcomed! Thanks!
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    Wow, you and I are in the SAME boat!

    I have worn my hair in a pixie for 15 years. During the span of those 15 years I let it grow out twice to neck length. It was BRUTAL. I am still like 2 I have a looooong way to go.

    I think you are past the WORST part, but not quite out of the woods. I always feel comfortable once I hit at least 8 inches or more. But all those intermediate lengths are BRUTAL and unflattering.

    The best way I know how to grow it out of these awkward phases it to cut the sides and back like a blowout brooklyn, but everyone may not like that look. It's the only way I can grow it out and keep it somewhat looking TAMED because the round curly clown look doesn't look good on me but looks KILLER fierce on many other women.

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of good advice here. But know that you are not alone in these stages. :-)

    Here is my fotki. And I've also included pics of the girl in the JayZ video "Give it to me, I just wanna love ya" which is exactly how i grow it out.

    Good growing to you! :-)

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    You have my total empathy on that one. My mother used to insist that my hair had to be cut in a 1" pixie, And there were many times in my life that my hair was butchered by hairdressers. Then there were the times I'd get totally disgusted with the grow out and give myself a midnight special haircut (at least I had enough sense to cut it dry, and with the curl).

    I know how hard it is to go through this grow out. But you are so close. If your hair is 6 or 7 inches long, it's about a year's growth beyond a pixie. If your hair is like mine, 8 inches is the point at which things definitely start to get better. It also helped a lot to learn to twist sections of my hair and pin it back, which I never knew to do before -- much better than trying just pinning it back!

    If you have access to a Deva stylist, I definitely recommend having a Deva cut. A Deva stylist should want to know about and respect your wishes.

    Lacking that, well, and even if you're not lacking access to a Deva cut, I highly recommend getting a copy of the new, second edition of Curly Girl, which includes a DVD, and both have information about trimming your own hair. There is also a lot of good styling information.

    I hope something in there helped!

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  • curlyvncurlyvn Registered Users Posts: 19 Curl Neophyte
    I appreciate the advice from both of you!

    After actually measuring my hair, the length is 5-6 inches, so I still have a few months left before I am out of the woods. Hopefully 8 inches is the magic number for me, too!

    I still think that I am going to get the sides and back cut because I look like a clown, and that is saying it nicely! I've been contemplating going to another stylist. The stylist that I've gone to before I started letting it grow did a fine job with maintaining my 1" pixie cut. I talked to her on the phone last week and told her that I wanted to come in for a trim. She asked me was I still wearing it curly. When I told her yes and that it has grown quite a bit since she last cut it in June, she recommended that she either blow dry it or wet it before she cuts it. She always cut my pixie style dry. I told her I didn't want her to blow dry it, but I am nervous about her cutting it dry. I don't know what makes me more nervous - getting her to do it (a stylist that I am at least comfortable with though I know she is not trained in curly hair, although she did fine with maintaining my pixie cut) or finding a DEVA stylist who I know nothing about!

    I wish I could wake up with 8 inches of hair! :)
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    I would wear a hair band, and then pin the rest of the hair back with bobby pins, then nobody sees it at an awkward length.
  • crrrazycurlycrrrazycurly Registered Users Posts: 22
    I agree with pinning although at that length it's probably only possible if the hair is straightened. Maybe cornrows?
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    Believe it or not I'm 19 and since I was 10 I grow out my hair.... it is still my shoulder length and it just don't grow any longer! Before I was cg I managed to achieve collar bone length but they were so damaged I had to cut it all off. Since then I trim it every 5 months maybe it would be longer if stylists wouldn't ignore my requests and cut few centimeters each time instead of one:/
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    I believe it!

    I've never had a stylist trim my split ends, even with a pre-agreement about how much I was willing to let him or her cut, who didn't scalp me. Some of the idiots would immediately chop off a chunk of hair in a prominent place, then tell me that if I didn't let them cut the rest to match, I'd look stupid. Others just didn't realize the depth of their ignorance, and would keep "evening up" one side, then the other, over and over until they'd taken my below shoulder length hair up to my ears (wet). Apparently there isn't a regularly trained hairdresser alive who's willing to admit to not knowing how to cut curly hair. There's also a major tendency to believe that they know more about your hair than you do, even though they just met you, and you've lived with your hair for a lifetime.

    There are good hairdressers out there. It's just hard to find them, given the tendency of the others to claim proficiency with curly hair that they don't have.

    There are also hairdressers who are better than good; experts at cutting and styling curly hair (Tiffany Anderson, please raise your hand!), who will teach you more than you imagined there was to know. The salon finder here on naturallycurly is helpful in finding the good, better, and best. Another way is approaching complete strangers with great curls, telling them you love their hair, and asking who they go to, then arranging for a consult or having them wash and style your hair before you let them near you with scissors.

    Look for someone who will cut your hair dry, paying attention to what each curl does. It makes a world of difference.

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