phytodefriasant relaxing balm

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Has anyone here ever tried this product? For some reason instead of straightening my hair it eliminates the frizz and enhances the wave better than any of the gels or creams. The only problem is the cost ($34.00 Sephora) for a tube that I go through in a matter of weeks. Abba used to make a relaxing balm that also worked but they stopped making it or my store discontinued(albertson) carrying the product. Any suggestions
for a similar product without me going broke?



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    I don't have suggestions for an alternate, but carries it a little bit cheaper. The big tube is $29 there, so it's $5 cheaper than Sephora.
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    u say this stuff makes your wavy hair more wavy so do u comb this stuff in and let it air dry , diffuse ? just wondering what your routine is with this stuff.
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    I air dried and diffused some after I combed this through my hair. It seemed to help it dry faster and it helped relax my waves quite a bit without straightening it. I think having this in my hair would cut out the long time it takes me to straighten it with a straightener if I chose to do that. Plus, it left my hair feeling very soft without frizz.
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