rinsing out conditioner

Hi all! Just wanted to hear from those of you who do not rinse out your daily conditioner. Have you had success with this method? I read in lorraine Massey's book that it is ok for curly girls to leave in their regular conditioner. Do any of you leave it in your hair?


  • CurlykeyCurlykey Registered Users Posts: 1,540 Curl Novice
    I do! I've been doing this with every wash and have had wonderful and consistent results. Any of my conditioners work. I do it like she recommends though, scrunching with a towel after the shower and before any products. I had tried it before with not so good results but I wasn't doing the scrunching part. HTH.
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    Totally! I get such better results when I leave it in. I do my method a bit different, since I hate having a film of conditioner left on my back. :)

    I rinse out all the conditioner, then flip my head upside down and put about 1-2 tablespoons back in, rake it through, and then rinse for a second or two to distribute it. Then I do the scrunching, etc.

    Keeping my head bent over keeps the conditioner off my back.

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  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Registered Users Posts: 2,121
    I don't leave as much in as Lorraine Massey recommends for the Boticellis/Corkscrews, but I definitely don't rinse my conditioner out all the way like she suggests for the Wavies (I'm a cross between a Boticelli and a Wavy). I just rinse it out until my hair is a little squishy and really soft...maybe for a minute under the water? (I prefer rinsing partway to thoroughly rinsing and adding some back in -- my waves sag if there's too much of it added back.) I find that it really helps my hair. If I rinse all my condish out, my hair isn't soft at all, and I don't think I get as much clumping.

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    Yes! I've been using the new method since the book came out, and am thrilled with the results! Not only am I having improved results, but I'm finding that my curls survive the night better than they did before.

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    I did this today with really amazing results... and right after doing a deep conditioning treatment too... who knew??
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    I don't rinse out at all. With my hair still sopping wet I put one palmful of conditioner over the canopy and then turn my head upside down and put another over the bottom. With my head upside down I finger-comb, and then I squeeze out extra water and conditioner (sometimes after also putting coconut oil in the ends). No rinsing at all.

    In the past I've tried to use less conditioner or to rinse out a little, but I'm come to the conclusion that my hair is just plain nicer when I don't.
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