Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner

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Used this for the first time today after my PT. This was a very nice treatment. It has the texture of a thick lotion and is very easy to distribute. It also has a very light, fresh clean smell...neither foody or floral but kind of like soap. It has nice slip and left my hair feeling soft and easy to detangle. I will definately keep this in my rotation for when I want at DT for moisture only:icon_smile:


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    I got it not long ago as well and trie dit for the first time a week ago. It's a good DT but it definitely didn't wow me at all. I found it didn't give me enough slip and i'm not a fan of the smell either, reminds me of bathroom air freshner lol. The smell lingered for a whole week as well, now that i didn't like!
    I'll finish it but i'm still looking for a "deeper" deep treatment (even if my hair isn't as dry as it used to be with my current regimen...).
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    Unbelievable. This left my hair softer and shinier than my beloved Curl Rehab. The scent is not my fave and it lasts. But I got rave comments at the hair salon from the person who washed it and my regular stylist about how nice my hair was (I deep conditioned prior to hair appt as I needed a blow out since I was having hand surgery and couldn't wash my hair for 10 days.) So soft.

    I found it worked better tan Olive You and Curl Rehab for me, at least having used it once. If only the scent didn't linger so much, my only quibble. Amazing stuff for me...again, just used it once But wowed me. And I'm not easily wowed.
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