My 2yr old cries whenever I comb her hair

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I have a little 2 yr old girl and I can't comb her hair without her crying. I feel like I have tryed everything. Her hair is 3c and everyone says it is so cute but nothing seems to ease the tangles and I feel so bad whenever I comb her hair. I really don't know much about really curly hair, mine was a little curly before I had her but what I did for my hair doesn't do anything for her hair. Please help.


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    try this:

    Buy a cheap conditioner (like suave or v05) one that's a little on the thin side. and detangle in the bath, wet hair down and use as much conditioner as it takes so the comb just slips through. If possible try braiding it (or otherwise containing it) so it can't get tangled, (I know that can possibly be difficult for a 2 year old). I always comb from the bottom up, and if the hair is long enough to hold it in my hand above where Im combing, so if I hit a tangle then it minimizes the pulling of the scalp. A good leave in conditioner is a must have, and you can make a good detangler by mixing water and conditioner in a spray bottle. A silk pillowcase will help prevent tangles from sleeping as well.

    I hope that helps, I have a 3 year old with curly hair too and tangles are always the worst.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I do comb through her hair in the bath with conditioner but she gets her baths before bed so by morning it ends up all tangled again and morning baths do not work with her. I try to put her hair up in pigtails but she doesn't like it when I do and she normally pulls on them till they come undone. She doesn't use a pillow so I've never tried a silk pillowcase. Thank you very much for all your ideas because it is so hard getting her hair combed I feel like I'm hurting her so bad and that is a bad feeling.
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    I would also say that you are making the mistake of combing her hair while it is dry, that will always cause snags and pain. My son is almost three and he has probably the same hair as your daughter, 3C. He is easy, I just keep it cut short and truth be told, I am considering doing the same to my daughter if her hair grows in curly for the reasons you are experiencing.

    The only other thing I can suggest is to keep putting in pigtails, she will eventually leave them alone, I did!
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    Have the same problem and mine does not want me to touch her hair. I have tried combing her hair when she is having a bath but then she puts her hands on the hair so i cannot touch it. When i try to comb her she also runs away and makes funny out of it and would not let me do it. Only option will be doing her while asleep but sometimes i am just so tired. I have however noticed that when hair hair is being done by a stranger she will be very steady. The hair does not look good when its not combed and its 4a/4b but sometimes let her go out like that (what can i do?) Her hairis still short and needs about 10 ponies. I am so frustrated and she is 2 1/2 years old.
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    Everyone's ideas have helped. I finally am able to get her to let me comb it most of the time but it takes a long time to comb and sometimes we don't have enough time but I made some homemade leave-in that I end up drentching her hair in and very gentally I comb her hair for bottom up and I let her play in the sink while I do it and that has helped keep her entertained so she doesn't cover her hair with her hands because she is to busy play in the water, but she won't let me comb it in the bathnow like she used to, I guess that is ok as long as I can get it done after.
    Thank you everyone

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