Can't figure out what to do with his hair!

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Hi everyone. I wanted to get some advice on how to handle my little boy's hair. He has tight curly hair which looks dry and he is always scratching his head. His hair texture is similar to my husband's who suffers from dry scalp. I have stopped washing his hair with shampoo/body wash because I fear it is making it worse. I have been researching online for organic hair products (shampoo and conditioners) to help moisturize his hair but I have found nothing.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • SarobeySarobey Registered Users Posts: 7
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    I'm in love with Burt's Bees Baby Bees line. I've been using the shampoo/body wash on my daughter and her hair is so soft! It's all organic stuff with no sulfates in it. And the price is pretty reasonable.
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    I love Herbal Essence Hello hydration for my son, it stops his hair from being so dry and also I use Bee Mine Juicy Spritz, Olive Oil and Bee Mine Moisturizer to lightly add moisture to his hair.
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