everyday shea shampoo...ingredients?

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Has anybody else tried any of the Everyday Shea shampoos as a low-poo? I purchased a huge bottle of the lavender scented for only ten dollars from my local whole foods yesterday, and it seems like it can't be bad because it has a whopping five ingredients listed on the bottle. The problem is, I'm a little concerned about one of the ingredients...

Liquid Shea Butter Soap (Aqueous Shea Leaf (Butyrospermum parkii) Extract, Saponified Shea (Butyrospermum parkii) Butter* (and) Virgin coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Polyglucose, Lavender Essential Oil.
*certified Fair for Life - Social and Fair Trade by IMO.

The first ingredient is the one I'm unsure about. Even though it's shea butter, it says shea butter soap, so would that be like a detergent? I know cocamidopropyl betaine is a milder surfactant. I've noticed that there are some people on the boards who do like shampoo bars, which if I understand completely (I'm still trying to figure everything out!) is similar to a soap bar, but would shea butter in soap form be to drying for hair?

I did use it tonight to test it out, and I was really surprised by the lather as I began to massage it into my scalp and hair. After rinsing it out, my hair seemed more knotted and dry around my roots, but after following with my RO, LI, and gel, my hair seems soft, shiny, and defined!

Sorry this post is so long, if anybody could offer some insight it would be much appreciated! TIA! :notworthy:
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