Keracare Natural textures

kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
Let me just say this is a WONDERFUL line, great for my 4a/4b hair:love5::love5:
I purchased:
The Cleansing creme, Defining custard & the leave in conditioner!! I use these 3 as a system, when doing wash and goes. Very moisturizing and has great ingredients.Some say that the defining custard is comprable to the Kinkycurly curling custard.
There is also a twist and define creme availabe with this line, buttercreme and hair milk.

Please give it a try this line!


  • christeeneechristeenee Posts: 90Registered Users
    I really want to try this on my 3b/3c hair. Is this specifically for kinkier textures? like the 3cs to 4s?
    3b/3c Hair
    High Elasticity
    Medium Texture
    Porosity- ?Unsure

  • kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
    I have 41/4b hair. The custard is kinda of similar to kinky curly curling custard so i hear. The leave in is wonderful. You should try it, it may work wonders on your hair!

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