protetective styles for transitioning??

miah_23_ncbmiah_23_ncb Registered Users Posts: 5
What are some protective styles for transitioning ( I am in the VERY beginning) ?
I currently wear my hair in a low loose bun and wrap with a satin scarf at night. I also want to know what others have done at night while transitioning?



  • geminichicgeminichic Registered Users Posts: 3
    Try bantu knots, Sharmaine369 on Youtube has a great bantu knot video tutorial. It's a great style, because it requires no heat.
  • NewlyNaturedNewlyNatured Registered Users Posts: 7
    YouTube - Braid Out Tutorial Part I

    this really helped me out!
  • naturallyunaturallyu Registered Users Posts: 7
    Protective styles I have used: buns and cornrows
    Low manipulative styles that I have used: rodsets, rollersets, braid outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs

    The further along in my transition I was able to add two strands once a lot of my straight ends were cut off.

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