Ok, can someone please tell me the diffrence

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Hi ladies (and curly haired men) :)

I recently made the decision to go natural last month and skipped my relaxer touch up. My hair really grows fast so already I have about 3 1/2 inches of new growth. I'm trying to pick products to use that are both healthy and able to help me style my hair. Until I begin reading from this site, I never really looked at ingredients lists...except to make sure the products didn't contain drying alcohols. All oils were good oils, including the now dreaded mineral/petroleum oils.

My question is can someone please break down the difference between a hair milk, butter, cream, and smoothie. Because maybe I'm slow, but I don't get the difference in styling aid. The ingredients are the same, maybe certain ones are used for certain styles......???


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    Interesting question.... I'm looking forward to finding out as well, considering I never thought about it that way.
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