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Hello ladies, I have been thinking about going natural since last year, and in the early hours of this morning I made the decision to start my journey. I do not know what my hair type is yet my hair is still pretty straight from my last relaxer. As a newbie I have a few questions for you all: do the same products work on African American curly hair as it does on Caucasian hair ( im AA)?
What are some basic products you would recommend to get me started (shampoo,conditioner,moisturizer etc.)?


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    You sound JUST like me a few months ago. It seems as though you are overwhelmed and there is just a wealth of information out there that you can't possibly get through, right? Don't panic, this forum is amazing and there are some great websites out there that will get you through.

    There is an entire section on NC dedicated to newbies. I suggest you peruse that section and see what's going on in there. Also, I would focus on healthy hair and everything else will follow. I wouldn't get so caught up on hair types. Just learn your hair. Figure out what it likes and what it doesn't and go from there! Good luck and you can always ask me if you have any other questions!
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