Loreal Eversleek?

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I saw a commercial the other day about a new line called Eversleek from Loreal and was wondering if anyone has tried it yet? Its supposed to be sulfate and silicone free. I know they have EverPure, but the rosemary mint smells horrible so I never bought it.
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  • jlpmom23jlpmom23 Posts: 755Registered Users
    I've been using Eversleek, both the shampoo and the condish, and I must say, I really LOVE it! Cone free and sulfate free according to the packaging, not sure what hidden "bad" stuff is in them, I don't get super hung up on ingredients.

    I also think it smells incredible, it does NOT have that weird scent that Everstrong and Everpure have, not even close.

    For drugstore, I am completely thrilled with this stuff, might become my new HGs for sure.
  • jerseygirl07067jerseygirl07067 Posts: 296Registered Users
    I was wondering about Eversleek too. I also hated the scent of Everpure, so much that I returned it.

    The conditioning ingredients and leave-in ingredients look really good.

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    Oh I'm glad to hear someone has had a good experience with this! We don't currently have cable so I haven't seen commercials for it, but I found coupons in the Sunday paper last week and was interested in trying it out.
  • blueskiesblueskies Posts: 123Registered Users Curl Novice
    i hated this line. it made my hair feel coated and weighed down...no matter how much time i'd spend rinsing it out.

    not a fan.

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