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I am looking for people who have had the softening treatment created by Ouidad done to their hair. The treatment is very similar to straightening. The difference is the percentage of sodium hydroxide and the manipulation of the hair. It's 4 to 8 percent concentration of sodium hydroxide versus the 11 to 13 percent found in the traditional relaxing and straightening. This is blended with the Ouidad Deep Treatment to soften the hair without stripping the life out it.

I am thinking about getting it done (not to straighten my hair, but to get rid of frizz and soften). Is anyone willing to share their experience, photos, etc. Thanks in advance.


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    I had this done last week and I have to admit I love the results. I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican my hair has always been very curly but could never wear it that way because I always had a lot of frizz and shrinkage(about a 3c I think). I have been straightening my hair (blow dryers flat irons) for a long time so I have lost a lot of my curl especially on the end which will not curl at all. I wanted to start wearing my hair curly again but I needed some help. My sister had met the president of the Ouidad at an award ceremony from her job so I looked into the Ouidad salon. I called and asked about the softening service and as if this was a relaxer and they assured me on two separate phone calls that this was not a relaxer. I made an appointment to see Melissa. I went to the salon on
    Jan. 11,2011 When I arrived I waited quite a while because my stylist did not show up to work , they offered me another stylist Cipriano and a complementary deep treatment 100$ for the inconvenience) After explaining my hair situation to the stylist Cipriano, he applied the "softener to my roots only". He did smooth the hair with the comb several times so the application was identical to that of a relaxer. It burned in some areas when he was rinsing it, probably because i washed my hair the day before and scrubbed my scalp quite hard and it smelled really bad like nair hair remover. Then he applied the deep treatment (which is the same exact one they sell at the salon, hsn and Sephora only they charge 110 for it, don't believe me watch the hsn video for the value pack and Ouidad says it herself) Cipriano set my hair curly and explained how to do it myself at home (they charge 60$ for this) . I purchased 3 products for a grand total of 391$$ (that's not including the deep treatment that you must get done, I was comped because my original stylist did not show up). I paid and left. Got on the subway, I woman saw my Ouidad bag and asked me if I had just interviewed there, I told her no and that I had gotten my hair done. She said that used to work there but was let go the week before. I told her I had the softening and she laughed she said "do you know what they used for the "softening" ? FABULAXER!!!! the black and purple box with the black girl on the cover". I said no you’re lying she said "I swear on my mother life! go back there and tell them they used fabulaxer on your hair and watch their faces they will be shocked" I did just that, I got off the train and went right back. Sondrel Ouidads daughters look shocked and didn’t even deny it, she went and spoke to my Sylist and came back and told me that he didn't used the fabulaxer on my hair but she didn't tell me what they used. I asked so what did he use she didn't have an answer although she claims to have done this softening on many clients. she took notes on what I was saying and I waited for the manager, the manager came back and I explained the situation again she told me that they used to carry fabulaxer but they no longer do and that Ouidad has her own formulation, but she didn't bring out any product to show me. I received a call from Ouidad herself the 2 days later asking me to come in so that she could show me what they used ans so that she could look at my hair. So I may be going there this Thursday to speak with her. I can't lie whatever they used fabulaxer or not worked really well and im loving the products, I just don't like being lied to and can't see paying 400+ for Fabulaxer and deep treatment. I will update after I meet with Ouidad this week.
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    Trubella- Thanks so much for your reply. Wow- what an interesting story. Definitely update me after you meet with Ouidad. I would like to know what she has to say. Would you mind posting some pictures of what your hair looks like after the treatment? What curl pattern did you get after all was said and done? Did you let the stylist know the curl pattern you were seeking before the treatment?
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    how thats is serious. i guess they really are trying hard to change people's texture. thats funny though. let me know how that goes cux i was thinking of doing something like that
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    wow trubella that is an intense story, i can't believe it!

    i've had my hair softened at ouidad nyc salon quite a few times- both the whole head and the hair line. my hair line kinda curls kinky and the wave formation is odd so i soften it to kinda even it out and make it look more decent. i've always had nothing but positive experiences at the salon. the staff was super nice and the softening always came out great!!! it is super pricey- the softening + DT + style adds up, but to me was worth it.

    i soften my hair on top of dying it so my hair is very processed. i do ouidad's deep treatment at home 2x a month and it helps keep my curls shiny & bouncy and super soft. i get the DT on sale from ouidad's site when they have their annual DT sale.

    my last softener was just my hairline the beginning on september. i'm trying to grow it out just b/c i feel the softener + color is too much chemicals and i only want one process in my hair. i'd love to be 100% natural but i don't like my natural hair color.

    i'd recommend the softener to anyone considering, the results are great. alex has always done my services and she's super nice and knows how to listen. my next step is to be brave and try a carve 7 slice cut- but i'm so nervous
    2c/3a..fine/regular texture..normal porosity..low elasticity..high density..cherub curls

    MONAT all natural hair products are the absolute BEST

    goals: grow out bad breakage cut and artificial hair color1
    last softener: Sept 2010
    last color: 2.14.15
    last cut/trim: 4.7.15

    blog: http://dianemarybeauty.blogspot.com
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    You can try henna and indigo for colour and its natural plant wit dye release

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    Yeah, I was going to say, this just sounds like a mild relaxer. Notice how they've only altered the sodium hydroxide concentration. They probably just diluted the relaxer with varying amounts of conditioner (a growing trend at local, not-so-famous salons). That's awful. A box relaxer just costs $5. I've been diluting box relaxer on my hair for about 3 years now (this last time, I got distracted and left it on too long- it's a little too straight for my taste), BUT the hair appears healthy w/ frequent conditioning and doesn't "look" relaxed. Given what truebella said, just soften it yourself or go to a quality, local salon and save the $$$.
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