How many Aussie,s check this site

Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Registered Users Posts: 14
Rarely is there any messages from Aussie's. It's a pity as some of the products mentioned on the site are not available here.
Ordered Lorraine's book from "
Title: Curly Girl: More Than Just Hair...It's an Attitude
Quantity: 1 Price Each: $18.83

Product Total: $18.83
Shipping Total: $6.50
Order Total: $25.33.
Awaiting arrival.
Anyone else ordered the book. ?????
My hair is 3c. Shoulder length.
Have cut my own hair for 13 yrs.
Any recommendations for products that smell nice and define curl's with no frizziness. ?
Hope you are out there!!! icon_confused.gif
3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.


  • FionaFiona Registered Users Posts: 158 Curl Connoisseur
    Hi Noodle Hair,

    I've been a member of for three years and am thoroughly addicted to the forums.

    I have the Curly Girl book and I find it very helpful. I've been doing the no shampoo routine for a couple of months now and it works very well for me. I'm a 2C, by the way.

    As for products, I like Zero Frizz and Curl Booster by Sunsilk, and a Tec Ni Liss No Frizz cream that I can't remember the name of. I mix them together with some Matthew James Shine & Repair and run it through my hair when it's wet. I then shake it like a wet dog icon_biggrin.gif and I get great ringlets.

    Good luck finding your routine.
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  • cmbyrnecmbyrne Registered Users Posts: 7
    Hi girls - I am from Melbourne and am fairly new to the site. I do check the site periodically but am a bit shy!! Not used to chat lines etc. I stumbled across this website whilst searching for assistance with my curly hair - on the whole I have not found hairdressers to be empathetic or fully understand problems associated with dry coarse curly hair. In the last few years it has been trial & error and spending heaps of money trialling products. I am more confident now & usually can find other people with different hair types to offload product that doesn't work. Anyway - hi to both you Sydney siders. I actually saw some great musicans from your side of the country last week - two ex members of the Gadflys & Bernie Hayes. Feel like flying to Sydney just to hear them again!!
  • KittyKatKittyKat Registered Users Posts: 9
    Hi All

    Im from Brisbane and log on to the site every few days. I have 3C hair that is just below shoulder length at the moment. I had it cut only a few months ago up until then it was nearly waist length. I found it hard to control at that length but find it much better shorter and Im wearing it out heaps more. I have also tried the Sunsilk Curl Booster and find it good. At present Im just using Silhouette Strong Hold Mousse and Vitalising Mousse which are not especially for curly hair but seem to work. I also do the shake like a wet dog thing that gives me good ringlets also. To tame my hair down I sometimes twist it into large ringlets dry like that then shake to separate a bit and it gives nice soft curls. Anyhow must go, but its good to read what other Aussies are doing with their hair.
    Katrina icon_smile.gif
  • cmbyrnecmbyrne Registered Users Posts: 7
    Hi KittyKat,

    The sun, surf & humidity must play havoc with your hair in summer. I visit Brisbane at least once a year to see friends & would sure like to swap Melbourne weather for Qld weather. I always have my hair down here in Melbourne but find I need to tie it up when I am down in Qld walking on your lovely beaches - otherwise I end up looking like a shaggy dog!! I would like to have people's opinion on the John Frieda range for frizzy hair. I first came across the products many years ago before they hit Australia when I saw them advertised in a hair magazine. A friend was travelling to the U.K. & I asked to to buy me the range. Much to my disappointment my hair remained the same - frizzy with little curl. I was surprised when they hit Australia in such a big way & I relented & tried them again - but still with no success. The adverstising is very enticing but unfortunately I do not find them effective. Has anyone had much success with the range?
  • Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Registered Users Posts: 14
    I have tried the serum. It is very expensive considering the size of the bottle. I honestly can't rate it . It's ok and makes your hair soft but not great. I also have the Gel it's ok too. I bought the Kelp Help deep conditioning Masque and wind down today. I used them both tonight. My hair feels real soft and has lots of ringlets. It also looks quite long. Time will tell.
    Oh i also have the dream curls, curl perfecter which does make my hair curlier. I am still trying new things and am starting to take my hair more seriously. What works for you????? Most of the products i have bought are because of what's been recommended in this site. I have made a product list from this sight. And will try anything.
    3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.
  • Curly JJCurly JJ Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I am also from Melbourne and it's great to see a section dedicated to Aussies icon_biggrin.gif

    I loooove the Curl Booster by Sunsilk and use it with just a touch of Control Gel by ArTec. I do diffuse my hair everyday though otherwise I end up looking like I've just stepped out of the shower - all day! icon_eek.gif

    I have tried the serum too with no result whatsoever! icon_sad.gif Yet another bottle to add to my dusty collection - and an expensive one at that! Obviously my hair does not like silicones. Protein is the way to go for me icon_smile.gif

    I'm fairly happy with my hair (note the word fairly - always looking for something better!). I would rate it 3C. I have it short at the moment - the shortest I have ever had it - and I'm finding it easy to handle.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more from all of you. I will have to put together my own product rating list soon - so many products to choose from icon_smile.gif
  • cmbyrnecmbyrne Registered Users Posts: 7
    Curly JJ - Couldn't you sleep this morning?? 2.05 a.m. I only keep those hours on a Friday or Saturday morning!! I relate very well to your term "fairly" happy. The advertisers understand women very well - whether it's hair, make-up, body image etc we are always striving for the ultimate utopia & just as we think we are almost "there" we get a glimpse of something better!! The journey's half the fun however....I will take up your suggestion & try the two products mentioned in your note. However, no diffuser - the only time I let heat anywhere near my hair is when I have it professionaly blow-dried a few times a year & only then by an expert who knows how to handle curly hair. Your product rating idea sounds good. It may save someone from making too many mistakes!!
  • Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Registered Users Posts: 14
    Great to see Aussie's chatting on this site. Are any of you from Sydney???? I have learned that the Curl Booster by Sunsilk is worth trying. So I will definately give it a go. I have done two deep conditioning sessions with Kelp Help by John Frieda Approx $17, and my hair already feels better. I will keep doing it until it's completely repaired. Good stuff so far!!!
    Unsure what else i recommend that Ive tried.And i've tried lots and lots of products.
    3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.
  • cmbyrnecmbyrne Registered Users Posts: 7
    Hi Noodle Hair - No sorry I'm from Melbourne NOT Sydney. I cannot believe a cosmopoltan place like Sydney would not have a hairdresser that specialises in curly hair. What you will find is that there is probably a hairdresser out there somewhere who has curly hair (hard to distinguish as she/he is probably wearing their hair slick & straight!!) Nevertheless they probably would be able to at least cut it well & work with your curls. My own hairdresser sports long straight hair but is in fact a curly girl. She cuts my hair very well & I find she has much more empathy than the average cutter. You will eventually stumble upon such a lass/lad - good luck.
  • Curly JJCurly JJ Registered Users Posts: 2
    Whoa! 2.05am!! It was about 5 in the afternoon that I posted that message! I can tell you now that it is 2.52pm, Monday afternoon icon_smile.gif

    I've recently tried the Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt and have found that it is quite good - handy if I want to do my hair very quickly and travel lightly on holidays etc. But not as good as my usual products. It will be placed at the front of my product drawer icon_wink.gif

    Talking about hairdressers....I love my hairdresser. She cuts each curl as an individual. She never treats it like straight hair by combing it and stretching it to cut it. She picks up each curl the way it falls naturally and cuts it in a way that has seriously improved my curls. And she has straight hair! icon_eek.gif

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