So I'm finally taking the plunge...

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I've been modified CG for the past couple months, but after looking at the "Before and After" thread, I thought I gotta get in on that curl action, since my hair has only been responding lukewarmly (that a word?) to the low-poo method.

Anyway, I've really been in love with the scent and texture of DE Coconut conditioner, though I feel like it might be a bit heavy for a co-wash. Even so, I used it as a co-wash last night, and didn't use a heavier conditioner afterwards, and my hair feels soft and doesn't feel too greasy this morning, save for some of the front part of my hair, but that part is always rebellious against anything I do to the rest of my scalp, the *******. Get with the program, hair.

Basically, this is my roundabout way of asking if it is wise to only use the DE Coconut condish as a co-wash, and trust that it's heavy enough to act as a conditioner as well? I would love to keep this simple. I thrive on simplicity. My ADD human brainmind can only take so much, you know.
Any advice/insights/knock knock jokes are welcome.
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    If this works for you, it works for you! Keep on rockin' it if that's what you and your hair like! Most people use a lighter CO-wash like VO5 or Suave Naturals and a heavier RO, but different things work for different people. My motto is: Don't fix it if it ain't broke. :) If your hair appears to wack out on you after a few days of CO-washing with a heavier condish and doing no RO, then try something new. But, otherwise, what you're doing sounds OK to me.
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