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Hi all. I need help spending my Christmas money. I am almost out of some of my CJ products and would like to order one more product to qualify for free shipping curl mart is offering.

A little history - I went CG in May2010. It has taken lots of experimenting and time to figure out what works best for my hair. I have found that how I handle my hair is almost as important as the products I choose. And I have learned so much from I had no idea you could SOTC and layer products, ooh how that could have saved me when I was a teenager! Plopping, and pineappling have changed my life as well.

I have very thick, BSL hair, probably 3a-3c. I lean towards coarse texture, and I am guessing high porosity because I do have color and highlights. My hair is not very dry. Before going CG I used all Aveda products. My hair health was pretty good but since going CG I am curlier and can get 2nd, 3rd, 4th! day hair, where as before CG, day 2,3,4 hair was put up in a twist, bun, etc. I think I had a protein overload from the Aveda products and that is what led me to CG.

Because of that I like to rotate products. I don't want a ton of products just a few reliable ones. I haven't had much luck with leave ins and don't really deep condition much. Haven't seen the need for it really.

I like Kathymacks routine with curl cremes and jelly products.

So would you veterans look at what I have and see what product I might be missing.

This is what I am rotating now plus FSG (I add it to everything) and can't get away from BRHG either. I use it over everything. I am in the mid south US and humidity levels/dew points can be crazy.

I alternate CJDF and Suave for washing and once a month use GTTT
I condish with GV conditioning balm

Favorite combos
CJCCC (with FSG and BRHG)
CIAB + Ag Recoil +BRHG
I also have
FOTE (used on day 2,3 only)
KCKT(out of it)+KCCC (haven't used in winter, worked well in the summer)
And Sally's version of Joico Reconstructing condition which I use as a protein treatment rarely

So veterans is there a product I am missing? I need to add one more product to get free shipping but don't know what to get. I am thinking about CJ Beauticurls leave in but would like your input. It doesn't have to be CJ or SS.

Sorry for the long post! If I can figure out how, I am going to cross post in the newbie section as well.


  • curlyrn2curlyrn2 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Ok, so as soon as I typed my above post all the moisture left my hair! I think I should get a deep conditioner. Can anyone tell me the differences between SS or CJ deep treatments, or another brand??


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