Top 3 Natural Hair Care Products

rummy26rummy26 Posts: 3Registered Users
Best Natural Hair Oil
Olive oil , jojoba oil ,coconut oil and sesa oil

Best Natural Shampoo

Henna , amla and shikakai

Best Natural Hair Conditioners and Packs

honey is the best conditioner.


  • FulraineFulraine Posts: 9Registered Users
    Are talking about honey that you buy in the grocery store is the best conditioner?
  • curlypearlycurlypearly Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have 4B/4C HAIR I think. I am new to this community. I recently BCd 12/15 and my hair is still very short. I started using shea butter and morocan oil in my hair and also enjoyed Kinky Curly to style it. Some were saying that it made my hair look "peasy" or "nappy" or like it needed to be combed so now I am trying to wear it in an afro. THe only thing is that it looks so dry. I want to keep it natural until it grow out a little more and from there I will decide what to do with it. I want to appreciate my 4B/4c HAIR but I want it to look as beautiful as possible. I am used to having relaxers and weaves. Any suggestions?
  • EmmaJJEmmaJJ Posts: 10Registered Users
    Aubrey Organics They have 11 different products geared towards people with dry, brittle, frizzy, damaged, coarse, and unruly hair.
  • theliothelio Posts: 5,374Registered Users
    I so heart Aubrey's. i'm using their jojoba and aloe dessert herb condish. to keep my hair moist and shiny, i wet my hair, add a bit of it as a leave in then seal in moisture with oil. i also dt with honey. maybe you could try that. HTH! Good luck
  • greenandchicgreenandchic Posts: 2,584Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    For me its:

    Aubrey Organics
    Coconut and jojoba, oils shea butter
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  • blackguitargirlblackguitargirl Posts: 492Registered Users
    EVCO and jojoba oil

    Desert Essence Organics shampoos

    AOWC and AOHSR :love5:
    last relaxer dec. 2007
    BC dec 29, 2008
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  • DimePiece17DimePiece17 Posts: 521Registered Users
    1.Knot Today
    2. Honey ( in everything)
    3. Black Jamaican Castor oil ( my crack)

    and I can't just have 3

    4. Olive you DC by myhoneychild
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