Starting over from heat damage!! :(

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Good Morning Curlies!!

I've been naturally curly(3c) for about 8 years now, and the front part of my hair has suffered from heat damage. When I wash my hair, the front will give a slight wave but wont curl like the rest of my head. So, Im trying to figure out what the best route to getting it back curly and healthy would be! I dont want to cut it so thats out, but I do need to do something! I had a friend who was natural and she actually put a perm back on her hair and grew it back out again. l would just like to know if anyone else has had heat damage to their curls and found a way to revert back to curls. Anything helps!! Thanks Curlies!! XO


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    As a sufferer of heat damage myself . . . I will say it is going to take a while to get your hair to even slightly curl and a while longer to get it to even come remotely close to your normal curl pattern.

    I have been nursing my hair back to health since I BC'd in August by Deep Conditioning every other week and the week that I don't Deep Condition, I do a protein treatment. Protein treatments are what help restore the missing pieces in your hair strand (which is the reason the hair doesn't curl anymore). By putting the protein back you'll help the hair curl . . but not the way it would normally had it not been damaged.

    You can make protein treatments at home (just use the search option on the board for homemade recipes) or you can purchase a protein treatment such as Aphogee (I think I'm spelling that right). Check out this video: YouTube - Aphogee Protein Treatment Application . It shows a well known youtuber using the Apoghee protein treatment on her heat damaged hair. She got some pretty great results.

    HTH and good luck.
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    The Aphogee Two-step really helped me repair some of my heat damage in my bangs but there is one piece that just refuses to bounce back. But other than that the treatment was super helpful
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