I need help!

Hey curlies!

I have curly hair which is of type 3B at the crown and type 2 at the bottom. Recently, I went for a haircut and the stylist suggested that I should go for rebonding. He suggested that I should rebond the top part of my hair till 3/5 of the length of my hair. The bottom part will be left curly as it is.

Now the thing is, I love my curls but i hate the frizz. I like the look that he suggested. 165672_1843857618870_1313499065_2129383_3482359_n.jpg

This is how my original hair looks like 73751_1630454277762_1128763254_31807401_7072975_n.jpg

I really love the new look and i'm thinking of keeping it permanently that way. But the problem is, i hate thinking about regrowth. How do i deal with it? And i'm afraid of damaging my hair. So should i keep hair curly or go with what the stylist suggest?

Please help dear Curlies.

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