What's the difference between DevaCare, DevaCurl, and DevaColor?

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So confused - just a musing from a new CG!
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    DevaCurl is the original care line. The OneC is what most people start out with as a co-wash and conditioner. It has a great lemongrass scent. It is moisturizing but not too heavy. All of the DevaCurl products have a lemongrass/citrus scent.

    DevaColor is for colored hair and it is to help maintain the hair color. If you have blonde hair you would get DevaBlonde which is a blue toned shampoo that helps combat brassiness, for example. This line tends to be similar in moisturizing properties to DevaCurl.

    DevaCare is more moisturizing. It is a bit heavier and is for hair that is drier or more damaged. It has more of a creamsicle scent.

    I like the DevaCurl line the best. I love the scent.

    Hope that helps!
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