Henna Method for no-poo curly-girl?

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I used to henna my hair using the most basic powder henna, the kind you mix with hot water and lemon juice and apply.
But then I went no-poo, and I haven't come up with a good method since, I have to remove the residues on my hair to get the henna to soak in, but then my poor 2a/3a hair is all stripped and dry, and if you condition right after you henna you wash off a lot of the color...

Does anyone else have a good method for henna, without resorting to products i wouldn't normally use?


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    Neverminding the spam there. Many strict CGers do henna all the time with no poo. It takes A LOT of rinsing and patience but you can do it.

    I use henna but I'm a low-pooer so I wash out with castille soap. BUT you can do it without that. Lots and lots of rinsing, followed by a co-wash. Repeat if needed. Then do a nice DT after to counter any drying effects of the henna and you should be set! There's a HUGE thread on the 4a boards (I think) about henna that has a ton of helpful hints and suggestions.

    You can also leave out the lemon juice. Personally I use green tea. Others mix in honey, yogurt, olive oil and tons of other things.
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    What would you recommend BEFORE I put in the henna, though? Should I suck it up and use a shampoo? Or will co-wash get it clean enough?
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    I should think you'll be fine with just co-washing. I never wash my hair prior to henna'ing. It goes on dry hair, often with product still in. I've never noticed a difference. Though I am doing it on brown hair. If I were doing it on a lighter shade I would start from clean hair.

    If you want it extra clean try scrubbing with some baking soda or doing an ACV rinse. There should be some threads on here for that, I've not done one really. I like the idea of CG but I like to keep things VERY simple in the bathroom.
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    Henna does NOT come out under ANY circumstances. It is permanent color until new growth comes in. If you henna your hair and then wash it with any shampoo, even sulphates the color does not even fade somewhat. That is assuming you are using BAQ (body art quality) henna. If you are concerned about using poo to rinse the henna out try the tub method to remove the henna. In the tub method you fill up the tub with water, and when it is time to remove your henna treatment, you lay down in the tub on your back and lay your head back in the water. First just swish the hair around a lot in the water to loosen the henna paste from your hair. Then you may run your fingers through and rub your scalp to get rid of the debris. You will most likely have to do this tub filling twice but it is a great way to rinse the majority of the henna out. Then you can either fill the tub a third time or just rinse again under the shower head and cowash.
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    hey splott,

    what kind of henna are you using and what is your nat color? where do you get it?how long do you leave it in and how long does it set before you use it? I ask because i have heard that using hot water on BAQ henna can make it less effective because it speeds up dye release and you can miss the optimal dye window-if that makes sense. I have found that BAQ henna is fine for my light brown hair after a devacare low poo, and i have to use something other than lemon-like apple juice (no water), and i have to follow it with a reealllyy deep condition, something with shea butter, cocoa butter, and lots of oils (could even saturate my hair in an oil overnight), and it does fine:) I don't lose color when i condish. I do see henna residue rinsing out, but the color is def permanent. goodluck:)
    Hair type: 3a, fine, porous (too much hair dye on lengths), hennaed
    Products i love so far: devacare low-poo, gftn, yes to tomatoes, yes to carrots, burt's bees shea and grapefruit DT, oc, millcreek botanicals biotin conditioner aveda be curly style prep and curl enhancer, cjdf, ciab, bb fsg, bb styling mud, angel, cccclite
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    Here is a link for every thing you will ever want to know about Henna.

    Henna for