Paul Mitchell Treatment or Brazilian Blowout

After looking through most of the threads, I'm wondering if I should try the Paul Mitchell Awapuwi Ginger Triplex treatment or go for the Blow out. I have 3b curls, and want to keep the curls, just get of the frizz and some of the volume. I'm worried the blow out will make it too flat, so maybe I should start with just a great conditioning program and it's much cheaper! What's the verdict out there? Don't think I'm brave enough for the home QoD and it's not cheap either, so for that cost of QoD I'd rather pay someone to do it. Thoughts/comments are appreciated!
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    I have fine hair that was a 3a before the Brazilian Blowout. I have had two BB's now and my hair has no curl. I have read posts where ladies say that they still have curl after doing the BB, but that was not the case for me-my hair is definely straight! It's okay though because I wanted my hair to be straight. If you want to retain curl I wouldn't advise doing it but that is based on my results. But, I love the straight, soft, and shiny hair it gives me. Also, the freedom from being a product junkie and not having to adjust products to weather, dew point, etc.
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