A tough transition

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I've been relaxer free for 4-5 months. At first I was wearing my hair rodded to blend the textures but now I've had so much breakage that I cannot even rod it anymore. As a result, I know that the only choices I have now are go back to relaxer and get a really cute short, spiky and sassy cut or do the BC which I have been trying to avoid. In the event that I choose the BC route, are there any suggestions on what I can do until it grows out? I was gonna wear wigs but was told that may make my hair worse. And some ppl suggested braids but idk if my hair will be long enough to catch. Are there other ideas that i may not be aware of? I been wearing hats to work for over a month just to cover up this mess that i currently have. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I am sorry to hear that ur having such a rough time transitioning! I do understand the breakage and would be disappointed to hear that after all that transitioning you relaxed again :roll: I suggest you do the BC and if ur not comfortable with the shortness of it then wear a wig. They make cute ones these days lol and as long as u keep ur hair moisturized underneath I don't think it would be a problem.

    Just don't sleep in it. Gotta let the hair and scalp breathe..
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    You've already come so far, if you're sure you want to go natural, don't relax!! I say big chop! If your hair's not long enough for braids or similar, rock a TWA. I know it's scary (trust me, I feel the fear). But there's a reason that you decided to go natural in the first place, and whatever casued you to make that decision is still going to be there if you relax again. Keep your mind on your goal! No pain no gain. You might even end up loving your short hair! Think how much easier it will be to take care of!!:lol:
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