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Hi everyone,

I'm Brandi, curly girl (2b/c) and mom of 3. My oldest (8) is a 2c. My youngest (3) is a 3a (at the bottom anyways). BUT, my middle angel(6) has me a bit confused. The hair that frames her face, around her temples, bangs,etc is HUGE rings. She has what we used to call pageant hair. BIG curls like we'd taken a 3" curling iron to her head. Last year I trimmed the ends, and some of the curl seemed to disappear! She just donated to locks of love and we took off 10 inches. Now that her hair is a little shorter than shoulder length, the curls are gone. She has volume like crazy, and waves, but the ringlets are just gone (except for around her face).

I just started using curlygirl methods just before we got their hair cut. But I'd like to know if there's anything I might be doing wrong. It's too straight to be curly and too curly to go straight (looks stringy).

Thanks in advance,


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    Let's see if this works. Here's a pic of her hair before she donated it.
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    You've a cute little wavy on your hands! If her hair is fine (the front looks pretty fine and silky) then conditioner needs to be rinsed out well or it weighs fine hair down. Too much conditioner can be a problem.That can cause a stringy look. Avoid brushing and any rough handling which pulls waves out (tight ponytails).
    Waves tend to look "stringy" because the waves are trying to clump together. If you are combing her hair (or she is) after washing it, try combing the conditioner through with fingers or wide-tooth comb before rinsing only. Then just squeeze out the water well and let her hair dry and you'll see how it wants to clump. (Sorry if this is really basic and you know it all already).

    Some long layers in wavy hair can help it look better, especially with loose waves.
    And it is very possible that when she hits 12 or 13 or so, those waves will get wavier or curlier, so now is a good time to learn to love the tousled tendency of waves and how to handle hair very gently.

    A lot of us wavies like to use protein treatments to improve waves and curls (actually, anybody with fine hair or silky hair needing more "oomph"). Hydrolyzed protein found in many products, "protein packs" and unflavored gelatin is the form that hair can use. Some protein might perk up her waves. Check out the wavy "2" boards -- there are a lot of us who just love, love, love protein.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks so much! Her hair seems really THICK, but has always been fine. Won't stay up for ANYTHING. Falls right out of the clips.

    Since I'm still pretty new to the CG lifestyle, all the basic info is really helpful. I've tried curly cream and scrunching on her hair (no luck). I've wondered about too much conditioner, but it seems that without it, her hair gets kind of frizzy and frayed. Guess I need to find a balance.

    I'm heading over to the 2 threads now to find out more.

    Thanks for the help!

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