Carrot oil?

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A friend of mine recently gave me carrot oil infuse with liquorice root.She told me it's supposed to help with growth and should strengthen hair.

How would I use it?

If I incorporate this in a recipe, how much would I use? And in what kind of recipe would I use it? DT / PT, conditioners, creams?

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  • coilynappcoilynapp Registered Users Posts: 4,233
    carrot seed oil strengthens hair, promotes healthy hair growth and helps prevent split ends, I don't know about licorice root.

    carrot seed oil is an essential oil, so you will have to use it diluted and not straight on your hair. You can find it as CO2 extracted or steam distilled. I don't know number of drops to use, follow manufacturer directions I guess or try scouring google for a recipe


    ETA: Found this on, just did a cursory google search

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