Protein sensitive stickies

curlyiniecalicurlyiniecali Registered Users Posts: 17
Is there a way to have some of the posts that make recommendations (such as protein free conditioners) turned into stickies that you can refer back to?


  • avsfanavsfan Registered Users Posts: 95
    I second this idea!! I came into this forum thinking "Oh wonderful, I'll get SOME idea of a few good shampoos or conditioners (or stylers for that matter!) that are good for protein-sensitive curlys."
    And there's nothin....
    I'd love a sticky!
    Sulfate- and non-water-soluble silicone-free since 8/2008

    Just about medium everything:
    medium texture, low-medium porosity, medium density
    Day One hair: 2c
    Day Two hair: 2a
    2c-3a in the summer time

    Protein sensitive. Still looking for
    used to have curls, now it's consistently just waves...

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