What is QoD?

I was researching Brazilian Blowout and saw this in some of the threads. Is it for a certain hair type? Is it done at home?


I have 3b curls and need the frizz controlled. Don't want have straight hair, just softer curls. Have done relaxers in the past and they damaged my hair and I had to go short and straight by blowing it out until my curls grew back in. Really don't want that happening again!
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    Hi Stacey - I don't know of anyone that has done Brazilian Blowout at home. Not sure if its readily available to buy for do-it-yourselfers. However, many of us here do our own keratin at home and buy from ebay. Check out some of the threads on keratin in this forum. I have 3B hair and have used coppolla (in a salon), and tried inoar and Qod white at home. I have detailed threads on my experience with both - so check them out when you have time. If you can flat iron your hair, you can do it at home!
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