Alexanders of Annapolis/Deva Cut?

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I live in Annapolis, Maryland and i've just recently fully embraced my curls. I was introduced to the Deva Line of products through Alexanders, they were running promotion that gave a free preview of the styling products. i liked most of what they did although the women used way to much of the gel. My hair was sticking to my head and had a odd texture. Nevertheless, i looked into the line and have found with my own modifications i do like it.

I have never been back to that salon, im away at college so i'm not home to go. when i am home i go to a different salon that i like and they do a good job, ive been going to them for years. However, i really want to embrace my curly hair and have been thinking about getting a Deva cut which isnt done at the salon i currently go to.

Alexanders offers the Deva cut and they have people on their staff that specialize in dealing with curly hair. Im mostly concerned about the cost...its SO expensive and im not sure if i want too fork over the money for something i might not like and to a salon that i havent really been to.

Does any one like Alexanders? Are their any other salons in the Annapolis area that do the Deva cut thing and have curl specialists on hand? So many questions that i would love answered.


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    I have never gone to Alexanders for a deva cut, but I have gone to Patrick Alan Salon in Arnold, which is just minutes from Annapolis. He is great, but pricey. I got a Deva cut in 2009 from him and have not gotten my hair cut since, which I know is not good (i procrastinate) but he did such a good job that the money spent was worth it and my hair has grown out really nicely and it has a great shape.

    At the time, I was not fully embracing my curls, so I told him I wanted a cut that would look good straightened. It has now been a year since the last time I straightened my hair and it is so healthy and his cut has lasted.

    He is very knowledgeable and trained with Lorraine Massey herself. I highly recommend him. I am due for a cut, and that's where I am going to go.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    There is another salon which is not far from Alexanders. It is called Patrick Alan salon and it is in Arnold Md. I believe Patrick is a little cheaper and he is trained in Deva. Look him up on here and you will see how much he is loved. He is the best.
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    actually the name of the salon was changed to Geogia Alan

    to get a Deva Cut is $60

    but to get one by Patrik (the professional) is $130 for the 1st cut and every cut after that is $72
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    If you're willing to go to Columbia,Md , I'm a Deva educator and trained in NY as well. It's not that far and cuts are $60. It's really worth it if you get a Deva cut you don't need cuts often

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    Which salon in Columbia and who to ask for?? I'm just now accepting the idea that I really don't have "funky looking straight hair" but am a wavy. I've never had a cut that worked with my waves and would like to try a curly hair stylist.
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    sadiemom wrote: »
    If you're willing to go to Columbia,Md , I'm a Deva educator and trained in NY as well. It's not that far and cuts are $60. It's really worth it if you get a Deva cut you don't need cuts often

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    Which salon? I've been to two and I was not overly pleased with my Deva cuts.
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    i haven't been there but my bf's brother actually works there and is growing his hair out and likes there services a lot. as do a couple of friends. they seem really nice.

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