"Don't ever change your hair!"

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Story time!

So before i got my dreadlocks a couple years ago, my sister, dad, and I (and i think my mom...) were eating at an ihop. Then, our old neighbor from around five years before comes up to us and starts talking to us. The only reason he recognized us was because he saw my sister's and my curly hair! He told us that and also added "Don't EVER change it!"

So i've kind of taken this to heart :) I haven't straightened it yet, but when I do, I definitely won't make it permanent.

Yay, so more reasons to love curls! :D

miss etincelle?
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    How nice of him! I don't think people realize how simple comments like that can really change a person's opinion of him or herself. It only takes one person!

    However, I do want to make this point: I think a lot of curlies start to become so in love with their hair, that they start bashing other naturally straight haired people, which is a no-no! We should be embracing all natural hair, be it straight, wavy, curly or kinky. I see no problem with curlies who straighten their hair sometimes or straight haired people who curl their hair. However, I start to have an issue when people try to change what is naturally theirs out of shame. Embrace your natural, God-given self...whatever that is!

    (P.S. I'm not saying that you are doing any bashing! But I just wanted to address that issue based on some of the comments I've seen around here on NC.com)

    Now on to my story :) Just this past Friday I was standing in the hallway talking with my friend Elena. I was talking about how much I love her thick, wavy hair and then she replied with "Oh my God, I just love your hair! If I had your hair, that would, like, make my life." I was so ridiculously flattered by her compliment that, thinking that she was perhaps overexaggerating, I said "Haha! Wait...really?" And she just said "Yeah! Like, I love it! Every day it just looks so awesome, I just love your hair!"


    I'm not the type of person that gets compliments on my hair that often, (besides from my best friend, Panda) and it's amazing compliments like that that really make me smile :).

    Any other stories?
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    I used to absolutely hate my hair! A lot of it was because I never used the right stuff for it, and I was straight obsessed. I almost ruined it by overusing my straightner (Which I have not touched in almost 2 years). It wasn't until I found the right products and started embracing my curls that I finally came to adore my hair. Not only is it so much easier to fix in the morning, it helps me stand out from everyone else at school. So many others like it too, mainly because that it is different and that it has so much spring to it.
    I love my hair the way it is, and I think it would almost kill me to change it.
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    I remember when I was in a grocery store once and this black man ( not that it matters :happy10: ) came up to me and started asking me questions about my hair. Like, "Is it natural?" and stuff like that. He said, "Oh honey, it's beautiful. Never straighten it or anything like that. Never change it!" And I smiled and told him thank you. I ran into him a few more times and he'd point me out to the woman he was with and say, "There's the girl with the beautiful hair!"
    It makes me smile when I think about it. :)

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