CG method causing dandruff?

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I started the CG method nearly a month ago. It's been a love/hate relationship. My hair is less frizzy but feels more weighed down however, it is time for a trim so it could be that. Also, I've got bad dandruff. I've always had problems with dandruff but I don't understand why I use only one cone and that's on the length of my hair. I use VO5 as my co-wash and Suave as my conditioner. I heard VO5 has lots of protein so I think that could be the problem. Would it be best if I just switch to an organic sulfate free shampoo and use it 3 times a week? Would my hair get better and still look healthy? Advice please, I'm freaking out because everyone has had luck except for me :sad1:

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    Ok, I'll throw out some ideas and hopefully something will help!

    Are you sure it's dandruff and not dry scalp? Here's some reading to give more insight: It could also be build-up.

    I think dry/itchy scalp is a common problem when starting CG. I had it and I still get it during the winter. It just means I need to co-wash more often and sometimes add brown sugar to the conditioner to get some extra exfoliation. If you're unsure, try a brown sugar scrub and see if it helps.

    Protein can certainly lead to dryness if you're sensitive to it. Does your hair itself feel dry? A sensitivity will make hair feel like straw. Coarse hair is usually the texture that has a protein sensitivity. Be sure to read up on your texture and porosity if you haven't already.

    Oh, and not all the V05s have protein in them. I'm protein-sensitive and use the Raspberry conditioner.

    It could also be build-up. How often are you co-washing? Many find that they need to co-wash more often when starting CG (like every-other day vs. 2 times a week) as the scalp adjusts to not being stripped of oils. Which silicone are you using? If you're not using something that contains a surfactant to remove it, it will most likely build-up in your hair.

    I hope this helps! Let us know how it goes!
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    It's friction that keeps your scalp clean, so be sure to scrub/massage your scalp and rinse well. You could try a scalp brush. After several years CG, I rarely use conditioner on my scalp, just on the length, but I do use a scalp brush each time I wet my hair (every 3-4 days). Some 'cones build up quicker than others, so you may have to find products without silicones.
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    If I do an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse (2tbsp vinegar in 2 cups water) in between co-wash and my regular conditioner in the shower, it really helps with that 'weighed down' feeling. I haven't had too much of a problem with constant dry scalp/dandruff, but I've read that ACV can help that too.

    I like the sugar scrub that curlyjenn10 recommends also.
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