Corrective coloring; few questions

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Okay so firstly, a hello and thank you to everyone who stops by... my dilemma.

January 2009, i dyed my hair black ('darkest natural black'), which as you most know has red undertones. Throughout the year i added streaks of red/blonde highlights and 'streaks'. After the color had faded (mid-late summer) i was left with a medium brown with red undertones, as well as my roots, which are medium to light ashy brown.

I then decided that instead of retouching, i wanted to try something lighter. Blonde! So, instead of going to a salon (mom couldnt dish out the money) i was convinced to go to a beauty school (you can already imagine..).

WELL, firstly, she (the student) was very slow in applying the bleach (seriously. i couldve done it faster.) so the 4 sections she made, had some variating development. And to add to that, about 3 inches from my roots, the lengths went from BRIGHT orange, to aurburn, to dark red, and again black on the ends. I instantly freaked out, and didnt want to do another processing on my ends. They tried to convince me that itd be fine. I picked out an auburn to put all over my head, to hide my rainbow, and that was that. (mind you i still had a rainbow, but it was MUCH less dramatic, and just kinda same color, different shades). After that, i went to my regular salon. Where they gave me a deep treatment, and blowfried my hair. it was much better and not so bad, i worked around it, and actually came to really like it.

Ive since then kept the color. Auburn, red, strawberry blonde kinda thing. Over 2010, i again did some streaks, and died it black (only to use a color corrector from sally's the following week which brought me to a medium brown with red undertones). In september, i stuck with the 'red' and redid my roots. My aunt(who used to be a hair stylist) told me to use a blonde color, instead of bleach. Which worked, and lightened my roots, to match the rest of my head.

ANYways, thats been my so far hair dyingness. NOW, im just plain tired of this redish thing, which i never wanted to begin with. I know i certainly cant fix it alone, but im afraid of going to any ole hair salon, and having them try a quick fix, or experimenting to see 'what works'. I want someone who knows what theyre doing, someone experienced. someone who isnt just gonna mess things up more.

My problem is,
1. I just moved to this area, and havent been to not one salon.
2. How to find someone/a salon, who will know what theyre doing.

I know i could just call up some places, and ask if they do color correction, but thats like, calling and asking if they cut curly hair.

"yes, of course we do" derp.

I am also aware of the salon review page, but that usually has cutting/normal coloring. Not color correction.

As for what im trying to go for/what my hair looks like now, my hair color is like my avatar (and if you click link on siggy, has larger picture), and im going for a brown. sorta like walnuts (Lol, that may sound silly! crazy nut lady!)

Sorta like this...

Highlights in the first color.
Base/overall color in the second,
Lowlights in the third,
and last color thinking of maybe putting it on the nape/lower part of head.

I cannot for the life of me stand having flat, sort of one colored/toned hair. Which is why im always adding streaks or highlights.

Also, i dont want a darker color again. They make my face look much more washed out, and emphasize dark/redspots and undereye circles. Lighter colors seem to give me a brighter complexion.

so how do i go about all this? anyone? :sad1:

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