How do I become a Curly Girl?

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I want to start taking better care of my curls, but I have no idea where to start. I've read a lot, and I think that I'll do one last wash with a sulfate-based shampoo to completely cleanse my hair of any silicones. After that, I'll do my first Co-wash. Probably with Suave Naturals conditionar.
What did you do the first time you started not shampooing? I really need your help and advice!
Thanks. :D


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    well, its 1:00 am where i am and i cant sleep for the life of me so im gonna reply to you! :D I honestly, just started taking care of my curls a few years ago, when i was 12. (that was about the time when boys came into my life, so that might be the reason i started to want to look nice. lol:eye:) But, me and my mom tried every hair product under the sun, and I became sooo frustrated because I couldnt find one product that worked on my hair! (I have 3a curls and its frizzy) But we finally went to the ulta beauty store and they gave us "curly sexy hair styling creme". I use this after I get out of the shower and I completely brush through my hair. I just run my fingers through my hair with the creme.. I then run a wide tooth comb through my hair. After that I scrunch my hair using my hands until it looks semi curly. Then, I wait about 15 minutes for it to dry a little. Then I use a diffuser to lift the roots to give it more volume. Then I use a million different hairsprays (any spray will work) . I use sulfate shampoo and i probably shouldnt, but i do haha. i use herbal essences shampoo and tresemme conditioner. good luck!
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    If you want to go CG check out the sticky in the General Discussion about Curly Hair section. Great tips, lots of info on techniques and products.
    A ton of information on going CG can be found here.

    Good luck
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    Well make sure you really clean your scalp. If your hair is anything like mine then itll get gross first and greasy, but once i got the washing properly done it was perfect.
    Good luck :)

    Naturally brunette but dyed hair, dark brown ( nearly black ) in November 2010.Trying to grow to WL but only past SL atm. Currently not CO washing and using Pantenes shampoo. Styling: Schwarzkopf ultimate repair serum with total ends repair. Also use Aussies 3 miracle worker from time to time. 3B,bouncy ringlets,medium thickness,strands are neither fine nor coarse,dry,low elasticity ( when wet, but high elasticity when dry ) and proud to be a curly!
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    Oh my goodness, congrats on thinking about the Curly Girl Method! It's seriously the best thing that ever did happen!! If you haven't read the whole book, you should. It's actually available at most libraries (I know right...who ever thought that that library card sould come in handy, right?? :P). But you should check it out. After you know the basics there are a WHOLE bunch of different routines, but they're all made out of the basic same things. I'm randomly naming these, but typically people distribute the product, scrunch in product, and then plop ect...I'll try to give you some ideas here. If you haven't heard of some of these methods try searching them on this curltalk board.

    Distributing product:
    These are typically products that help in curl formation (or hinder frizz).
    Typically leave-in conditioner, serums, natural products (I'm using glycerin right now), or this can be completely skipped.
    Methods used: Rake and shake, rake, scrunch (harder because you have to get your fingers up near the roots as well), and finally the TERRIBLY EVIL brush. If I were you I'd stay far away from this :P

    Some people use a curl enhancing spray here, but that it depends. Many gels and such already have that in their.

    Hold product:
    These are the products that help 'hold' the curl so they don't droop during the day.
    Typically sprays, spray gels, creams, mouse, mildly hard gels, and hard gels, (some people scrunch in conditioner) this should depend on how much 'hold' your hair needs & how crunchy you want it to be :)
    Methods used: Scrunch, scrunch & pump, some people rake and then scrunch, or once again the TERRIBIBILE brush.

    Some people use extra products, but most don't. Types: Supersoaker (I use :)), skip method (might be called twist & skip), some people twirl their curls, and others mold the curls around their fingers. I think the majority of people don't do ones that involve individually working with curls (unless there are just a few problem curls that I re-wet and twirl in the morning)

    Drying: Air drying, ploping/plunking, diffuser.

    If you're just starting out I would begin with simple things. I would rake through curl enhancer (make sure your hair is sopping wet there so it doesn't tear the curls apart) and then scrunch in some gel (these can be the same gels). If you need a curl enhancing spray in there then add that. Once you're there you can choose to experiment with supersoaking or twisting ect... Personally I supsoak and then plop overnight since I have a weaker curl pattern that doesn't like to boing after I wet it down so much. Have fun with it though and experiment until you get your hair exactly the way you want it :D You're hair will eventually become even curlier (YAY!) if you treat if right. So if you do have wavy hair don't just treat it like straight hair ect.... :)
    Hope this helped! :)
    Rake in Glycerin & FSG
    Spray in Aloe Vera
    Scrunch & Pump more FSG :D

    3A/3B & a little 3C

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