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ok everyone for the first time in my life I did it for the 1st time and now I have no idea which direction to go. My last perm was about 5wks ago so the amount of new growth was close to none(so right now I am pretty much rocking a Halle Berry pixie cut with a little perm left on top) just until I get a little more new growth. Now here's where I need you ladies help as I said never did natural before. So can someone please answer these questions?

Hair is basically in fade (except in the very very top where my spikes are) and I still don't know my hair type, what type of regimen should I have now?
I am wondering can I just do a cowash like every other day and just make sure I keep it moisturized and my scalp oiled.

Another question just wondering about how much hair do u have to have to see the curl pattern of your hair?

Any help will b appreciated because I'm practically a virigin


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    You probably will be able to tell once you have about 2-3 (maybe 4) inches of hair what your hair type is.
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